Cycling Accidents

At Hoffman & Hoffman, we understand how common it is for people riding bicycles to be injured by unaware motorists. Victims of bicycle accidents are extremely vulnerable to injuries that could permanently alter or change their life. Injuries that are commonly sustained in bicycle accidents include head injuries, brain trauma, broken bones, internal bleeding, many of which can result in permanent disability, paralysis, and even death. Not only are these types of injuries incredibly painful, but they often negatively affect the rider’s ability to live his or her life as they did previously. In an instant a cyclist can go from living a normal life to suddenly being unable to work or unable to conduct his or her daily routine.

In California, the accident and injury laws protect victims of bicycle accidents by awarding them financial compensation in the event of an accident caused by another persons negligence. Therefore, if you were riding your bike, and the motorist that hit you was acting negligently or recklessly, we can assist you in obtaining the award you are entitled to, including damages for your pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, medical bills, and treatment expenses.

We at Hoffman & Hoffman, understand the pain and suffering you are going through, and will do everything in our power to obtain the financial compensation you are entitled to as a result of your injury. We have many years of experience in this area of law, and understand what is needed to build an effective personal injury case. We are committed to handling all aspects of your case and we leave to you the task of recovering without worrying about your legal issues.

At Hoffman & Hoffman we will not settle your case until a settlement has been reached that will provide you with sufficient financial means for both now and in the future. When you allow Hoffman & Hoffman to assist you, you can be confident in knowing that your bicycle accident case will be handled by an injury & accident attorney who truly has your best interest at heart, and who will do everything possible to resolve your case successfully!

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