Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents cause the loss of time, property, health and even life. Most accidents occur because of driver error, negligence, manufacturing defects and dangerous weather. No matter what the specific cause or result, a crash can turn a normal day into a miserable month or longer. You should speak with a lawyer to assist you in advising you of your rights and responsibilities. Contact an attorney from Hoffman & Hoffman to get more information.

One of the critical elements to determine in an auto accident is who is at fault. You should know, however, that fault can be a difficult thing to determine and can be complicated by who acted when and which laws governed the situation. If the other driver was negligent, you will most likely have to prove that the driver breached a duty of care to you and that the breach caused your damages. The assistance of an attorney can be immensely valuable at this time, whether you are battling an insurance company, seeking compensation for your injuries or defending yourself in court.

An individual who has been injured in an automobile accident may be able to seek monetary compensation for injuries and damages. Cases are fact specific, typically with complex issues of proof and fault in dispute. Working with an experienced attorney will help you sort out your legal options.

At Hoffman & Hoffman we work to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. We will step in and work with the insurance companies, as well as your doctors, to assure that the process is as easy as possible. We believe that your job after you are injured in an accident is to get better and back to your life. It is our job to handle the rest.

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